Encompass Technologies: Optimizing Warehouse Management with Cloud-Based ERP

Encompass Technologies: Optimizing Warehouse Management with Cloud-Based ERP

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Jacob Sampson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Encompass TechnologiesJacob Sampson, VP of Sales and Marketing
Warehouse management systems (WMS) were primarily on-premise solutions that were used to control the flow of a facility’s inventory into, within, and out of a distribution center. Over time, WMSs became more complex with the digitalizing business ecosystem. As a result, to capitalize on the efficiency of an advanced WMS, businesses had to beef up their IT infrastructure and hire a specialized team to handle the operations of an upgraded, intricate warehouse management system. Today, with the advent of the cloud and other emerging technologies like AI, machine automation and IoT, the sophistication of warehouse management has reached new heights altogether. Because of this, most distribution facilities are struggling to leverage their WMS deployments to their fullest potential and attain the benefits of technology-led opportunities. At the same time, traditional WMS providers are haphazardly incorporating cloud capabilities to match up to the expectations of their clients. Amid the changing times, Colorado-based Encompass Technologies is carving a unique position for itself by offering a simple and efficient WMS experience with its cloud-based distribution focused ERP system.

Discussing the core competencies of Encompass’ ERP platform, Jacob Sampson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Encompass Technologies, elaborates, “Unlike other WMSs that have migrated to the cloud in recent years, our product was designed and built for the cloud from day one.” Encompass Technologies was founded in 2001 by Kent and Jonathan O’Neil after the father-son duo designed a cloud solution that was tailored to imbue efficiency into the supply chain management of their beer distributorship.

What started as a simple ERP system later became an all-inclusive enterprise solution as the pair continued to incorporate functionalities like warehouse management, voice-directed warehousing, mapped routing, integrated accounting, and more. “We unify several disparate systems that are critical to the effective management of enterprise resources and eliminate the burdensome data transfer between them,” says Sampson.

Concurrently, the company’s cloud-based platform is capable of extracting data from legacy systems and seamlessly migrating them to the cloud via the web-based applications developed by Encompass Technologies. Moreover, the platform’s user-friendly interface does not require warehouse personnel to undergo extensive training. According to Sampson, most of the traditional WMS software still require users to possess tribal knowledge for the efficient transfer of data, “however, our unified, easy-to-use platform bypasses this challenge by leveraging automation,” he explains. Adding to this list of competencies, users of Encompass’ ERP platform can utilize the company’s mobile-based offerings to update the information on all ERP modules.

Encompass’ platform also helps businesses augment their warehouse operations with its hybrid automation system. This unique combination, which combines human and machine intelligence, helps minimize the cumbersome tasks that warehouse personnel conventionally perform and increase their productivity.

In one instance, Encompass Technologies helped Texas-based Del Papa Distributing Company enhance its warehouse management processes. Initially, the client’s existing voice picking software required warehouse personnel traverse around the warehouse to assemble one pallet, which took around 20 minutes. With Encompass’ pick-to-light solution, Del Papa’s employees could finish organizing five pallets of beer in the same time, significantly enhancing productivity and minimizing over-time hours. “With this success story, we were able to demonstrate our capability in maximizing labor efficiency and delivering superior customer experience through automated warehouse management processes,” adds Sampson.

Looking ahead, Encompass Technologies aims to leverage new automation technologies to bolster the efficiency of warehouse processes. “Alongside, we will continue leveraging other cutting-edge technologies to help our clients take complete control of their warehouse operations,” concludes Sampson.

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Encompass Technologies

Fort Collins, Colorado

Jacob Sampson, VP of Sales and Marketing

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