Freightgate: Infusing Complete Transparency into Global Supply Chains

Martin Hubert, CEO, FreightgateMartin Hubert, CEO
Since 1994, Freightgate, Inc. has been a key player in shaping the evolution of supply chains with innovative solutions, including capacity and RFQ management tools to complement their unmatched dynamic rating and routing engines.

Freightgate has always excelled at tailoring supply chain solutions to real-world problems; their Logistics Cloud Transportation Management System TMS is best in class to effectively manage the complex and demanding information flow in today’s Global Supply Chains. TMS offers in-depth, 360-degree visibility—resulting in higher productivity, lower transportation costs, faster and more comprehensive routing decisions, end-to-end transparency, complete collaboration, and unmatched connectivity for our clients.

Higher Productivity

Smarter solutions translate into competitive advantage for Freightgate’s customers: A recently performed study confirmed an 80 percent plus productivity improvement when employing Freightgate solutions.

Lower Transportation Costs

Utilizing Freightgate’s dynamic routing engines, companies can save more than 40 percent in transportation costs. Advanced TMS dashboards provide a comprehensive view of all critical information such as real-time movement of freight, compliance records and orders throughout the entire logistics lifecycle.

Capacity Management - Faster, More Comprehensive Routing Decisions

In response to increasing cargo volumes, Freightgate’s Capacity Management Solutions take a truly global view and are optimized to ensure efficient management of tariffs, routes, and delivery times. While some traditional logistics companies are stuck in the past and only use predetermined routes, Freightgate’s capacity management solution is completely flexible to allow the customer to plan the most appropriate and cost-effective route and scheduling.

End-to-End Visibility

In today’s supply chains, ‘end2end visibility’ has re-emerged as a buzzword. Enterprises are demanding the most timely freight details, with a capacity to track every stage of the logistics lifecycle from order generation to final delivery, and Freightgate meets that need.

We invite each and every member of your supply chain department to share their most pressing logistics challenge with the Freightgate team—we will come up with a solution that is right for you

RFQ Management

Having full transparency of all buying options is a critical competitive advantage, resulting in faster, more accurate and intelligent quoting, shipping and lead-time analysis. Freightgate’s patent-pending RFQ management solution requires a mere fifth of the effort compared to the traditional manual process.


The perfect supply chain can only be built by stakeholders who make informed decisions, in harmonious collaboration. Freightgate is global by design, truly multimodal, provides unmatched dynamic routing and offers built-in execution level carbon modeling. Freightgate is the only ISO9001 certified Logistics Cloud provider with a commercially available platform that supports the DOT sponsored EFM framework.

Unmatched Connectivity

Automation solutions adapt to diverse business needs, delivering customizable dashboards, real-time KPIs, online metrics and score-carding. This ensures that executives are free to focus their time and efforts on trend forecasting and exceptions that require their expertise and personal attention.

Complete Global Supply Chain Transparency

Complete transparency goes beyond end2end visibility – there is much to be done in the realms of optimizing rates, lead times, and carbon emission in relation to the entire supply chain. Integrating all of the above means delivering the holy grail of supply chain management.

Freightgate is poised to uncover many more creative ideas to solve real-life problems in the supply chain management domain. Martin Hubert, Freightgate’s CEO, says, “Our aim has always been to provide exponential value to our customers through comprehensive and easy-to-deploy Internet solutions.”

“We invite each and every member of your supply chain department to share their most pressing logistics challenge with the Freightgate team—we will come up with a solution that is right for you.”