Infor: The Next Level of Excellence

CIO VendorCharles Phillips, CEO
‘If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.’ Although management theorist, Laurence J. Peter’s dictum holds true in many aspects of life, it uncovers a whole new meaning when applied to supply chain management.

What does it take to get from point A to point B? One needs to see beyond the vessels and the vehicles when it comes to global supply chains. Truth is, that point A and point B have never been closer and harder to reach. Given the changing consumer preferences, rising fuel costs, and tight labor markets, it is an art to navigate toward the unexpected. In addition, organizations need reliable resources and on-demand insights for better decision making. This fiercely competitive and complex environment requires advanced supply chain solutions to keep pace.

Enter Infor. The company delivers the software, services, and expertise that makes all this possible. Infor’s comprehensive set of supply chain software products provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning to execution to connecting with any organization’s entire network of trading partners. Designed to meet industry-specific requirements, Infor helps clients across the globe to run their end-to-end operations, no matter where they’d like to start.

Networked Supply Chain: A Fresh Breed of Competitive Advantage

To win in the digital age, companies must operate as agile business networks that connect systems, processes, and partners of all types with visibility, automation, and insights from the source to the customer. Some of the most prominent companies in the world use Infor Supply Chain Management (SCM) products to gain a competitive advantage, increased efficiency, and maximized profits. Devised for the enterprise-level organizations, the solutions provide information on the details of the supply chain—from the forecast, planning, execution, and scheduling.

Infor SCM is best suited for a number of specialized industries including consumer goods, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, distribution, logistics providers and more. The key applications of Infor’s solutions include sales and planning of supply, demand, operations, manufacturing and scheduling, strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier management. In addition, the clients get access to critical data, which allow them to respond to fluctuations in the market through rearrangement of resource and labor utilization, inventory and shipping operations. Infor SCM also helps clients in building communications both internally, as well as with suppliers, partners, and customers.

A Greater Focus on Visibility

Visibility is the foundation of supply chain excellence, as one can’t manage what they can’t see. For companies to run their supply chains with the level of speed, flexibility, and precision required of businesses today, internal and external silos must be removed and replaced with transparency via intelligent information. Using an advanced, cloud-based network that connects all the supply chain partners, events, and devices, Infor solutions offer end-to-end visibility with real-time, actionable insights so that companies can seize opportunities, respond decisively to disruptions, orchestrate and fulfill demand across the supply chain. With the ultimate goal to reduce friction and create agility and seamless orchestration across the entire network, Infor’s solution can be installed on-premises or be hosted in the cloud for remote accessibility over the web.

Infor’s comprehensive set of supply chain software products provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning, to execution, to connecting with any organization’s entire network of trading partners

Considering the evolving product portfolios, dynamic markets, unavoidable constraints, and expanding networks that create a dizzying array of go-to-market options, Infor’s integrated planning suite synchronizes supply and demand by balancing customer expectations and business goals. Modular applications target key sources of complexity, leveraging a common platform to harmonize operations and strategy. Furthermore, advanced algorithms support demand sensing and supply planning, inventory and production planning; all to identify the best use of assets and optimize performance. Additionally, Infor’s sales and operations planning enables a holistic perspective to align the organization to deliver overall business improvement. With a modern architecture at its heart, Infor’s solutions are built for the cloud. The solution connects thousands of buyers, suppliers, banks, carriers, and 3PLs on a single, powerful, cloud-based platform that supports more than $500 billion in annual commerce. Also, the company also provides 24/7 elite customer support for all its offerings.

The Testimony of Excellence

Infor cloud technologies are currently serving more than 62 million cloud users through their five plants, having more than 7,000 cloud customers worldwide. The company’s excellence in delivering business-specific solutions can be highlighted through a case study wherein Infor partnered with Química Amparo (Ypê), one of largest manufacturers of consumer hygiene and cleaning products in Brazil. The client serves over 10,000 clients, invoicing about 8.5 million in a month across its five plants. Over the past seven years, the client experienced a tremendous growth in volume, which ultimately resulted in the rising complexity of their company structure. As a result, Ypê noticed a rise in the costs and decrease in their overall profits and decided to implement a sales and operation planning (S&OP) process that could support the company’s future.

Infor tools brought in flexibility, global experience, and improved results in Ypê’s existing supply chain. Infor not only provided a cost-effective solution but also enhanced the management of the S&OP process, giving stakeholders the confidence about right data to drive the best decisions in lesser time. The tools also enabled the decision makers to follow up on actions to ensure their execution, and revise the S&OP plans. Talking about the benefits, Ypê witnessed a significant increase in their sales forecast accuracy of more than 10 percent, which has also helped them improve their service level to their customers, reduce costs, and improve cash-flow management. Infor solution also allowed the company to reduce inventory by approximately 10 percent, and achieve a productivity increase of 5 percent due to the use of advanced scheduling on daily production planning. The client also saw an improvement in transportation costs related to product delivery, and reduce freight costs by 5 percent. By further improving the use of these tools, Ypê plans to bring in more opportunities for the company by cutting costs and offering high-quality products at a lower price point.

A Roadmap for Redefining Supply Chain

With a sheer commitment to clients’ success, Infor has set a benchmark in this realm for its peers. Back by a team of dedicated experts, Infor brings microvertical expertise and a profound understanding of how to alleviate the business-specific challenges. With Infor, clients unlock the potential to utilize technology that efficiently meets their requirements. Infor plans to keep on building applications that will help businesses through smooth upgrades, embedded workflows, and external integrations. With time, Infor will also move beyond supply chain as a function, and embrace the end-to-end supply chain, enabling businesses to realize their full potential.