ITOrizon Inc: Consulting Firm for End to End Supply Chain and Digital Transformation Programs

Shan Muthuvelu, President, ITOrizon IncShan Muthuvelu, President
In today’s complex realm of supply chain management in the logistics industry, most of the organizations have realized that digital transformation is the key enabler to achieve success and stay ahead of the competition. Digital transformation of end to end supply chain gives them a strategic advantage.

However, Shan Muthuvelu—an astute entrepreneur seasoned in the sphere of “End to End, Bi-Modal, Omnichannel and Digital Strategy” IT and supply chain solutions—opines that enabling a digital commerce channel or touch screen warehouse packing is not a true digital business transformation. “CIOs and CEOs look for a complete transformation of all their physical worlds into digital by bringing in all the new digital technologies needed to provide the best customer experience and get more customers,” he adds. It touches e-business to digitalizing products to digital marketing. It can be the online shopping experience, product vs. user continuous interaction, real-time customer experience feedback, smart shopping carts at the stores guiding the shopper, Point of Sale Systems, biometrically connected digital wallets, digital product administration, digital delivery confirmation, Distribution Center Operational System, Warehouse Automation, IOT devices or drones. The biggest challenge in rolling out digital business ventures and realizing its benefits are due to misconception around this digital business platform. CIOs and CEOs should have clear idea on Scope, Priorities and Metrics before taking digital journey.

What parts of businesses need digital transformation?

• Are your Supply Chain Solutions agile and adaptable enough to support changes to the business?

• Do your solutions support real-time integration with external suppliers, Customer data and internal systems? Is End to End Automation feasible?

• Do you have performance metrics in place to measure your corporate goals?

What needs to be prioritized?

• Group and rank systems where business processes are “stable-no change”, “critical-need change”, “less-critical-prototype”

• Enable Business Intelligence to provide insight about all critical operations

Be it cloud warehouse management system or digital delivery confirmation, enterprises must digitally transform their end to end Supply chain and businesses to activate new stream of revenues and higher operational efficiency

How do we measure the digital transformation benefits?

• Forecast digital disruption outcomes such as new market opportunities or new revenue streams or high market margins

• Weigh in cloud options and attain financial flexibility by moving to OpEx

• Have competitive advantage either by retaining or claiming new market share

In a bid to keep the transformation rapid, incremental, cost-effective and profitable, organizations should gear up for the disruption by engaging with the right vendors and integrators to prioritize the opportunities in the right sequence.

Elucidating the significance of digital transformation, Shan Muthuvelu, President of ITOrizon, says, “Be it cloud warehouse management system or digital delivery confirmation, enterprises must digitally transform their end to end Supply chain and businesses to activate new stream of revenues and higher operational efficiency.”He also recommends customers to invest in cloud technologies for all modules including order management, master data management, and transportation management to improve productivity, lower cost, and reduce time to market.

ITOrizon—a niche integrator plus an IT service provider— crafts a scalable and sustainable end to end supply chain solutions by taking ownership of a whole panorama of IT services starting from strategy to design, implementation to execution, and integration to support. With the help of a next-generation test automation platform, ITOrizon automates the testing of the complex web-based application.

Muthuvelu mentions their recent client success wherein one of the top 3PL service providers in Saudi Arabia wanted to take their entire end-to-end supply chain into the cloud, integrating with the ERP, OMS and MDM modules. ITOrizon designed all their facilities and hubs to have a seamless generic cloud solution working with a complete machine operated storage location including high bays and mini loaders along with pick-to-light and put-to-light solutions.