Savant Software: Scalable Supply Chain Solutions for Success

Savant Software: Scalable Supply Chain Solutions for Success

Chris Jackson, President, Savant SoftwareChris Jackson, President
Today, more than ever before, management of the supply chain has become an integral part of businesses of any size because it improves customer service, enhances financial standing of a company, and reduces operating costs. With over 100 years of combined experience in the supply chain market, Savant Software keenly understands the importance of Turn-Key or Solution Stack product offerings.

Savant Software’s supply chain professionals first understand clients’ business processes, identify choke points, and then implement the right solution stack that helps improve the profitability of their distribution operations. Savant uses a turn-key deployment methodology, which shortens implementation time, diminishes the sales cycle, and ensures that all “needed” business objectives are met in “bite sized” portions.

“Many companies start with our lite WMS, Savant ADC, then grow with our scalable solutions stack; some of these brands are, Sierra Nevada Brewing, third largest craft brewer & Nature Sweet, top tomato grower and supplier in North America,” says Chris Jackson, President of Savant Software.

Savant Software’s products include a small business WMS (Savant ADC), enterprise WMS, shipping manifest, and GroSavvy for Cannabis and farm to fork distribution. What differentiates Savant Software from its competitors is the way the products have been developed by supply chain professionals who have worked with global companies in the design and implementation of enterprise business WMS. This has given Savant a keen advantage and the ability to bring more feature/functionality to the SMB market space.

To offer its solutions efficiently and seamlessly, Savant Software has partnered with some of the industry’s leading brands, including BlueStar, Honeywell, Elo and Zebra Technologies.

Many companies start with our lite WMS, Savant ADC, then grow with our scalable solutions stack; some of these brands are, Sierra Nevada Brewing

These strategic partnerships enable Savant to build innovative turn-key solution stacks, validated by BlueStar and their hardware manufactures that the software and hardware work as advertised.

“Our BlueStar relationship brings a holistic feel to this area of the process, which can be hectic, especially when combining hardware and software. Honeywell and Elo give us a turnkey solution that’s easy to present and deploy via our partner channel,” mentions Jackson.

Savant’s unique “Land and Expand” approach allows the customer to “land” on the specific tools and features that meet the unique business needs of today, while providing a robust environment where business can “expand” into overtime.

As an example, Michaud Distributors needed a WMS solution. The company came to Savant Software for help through its partner BlueStar. Savant deployed their basic ADC platform into Michaud’s environment—from receiving to ship confirmation. Shortly after going live, Michaud needed more advanced TMS capabilities. This feature was added via a simple activation process. Another major client of Savant Software that capitalized on the land and expand methodology is Sierra Nevada Brewing. They have continued to grow into all the modules Savant WMS has to offer since first beginning the project with basic ADC in 2007.

“Savant has always proven to be a valuable partner in the past and will continue to be an important part of Sierra Nevada Brewing's future,” says Bill Bales, CFO of Sierra Nevada Brewing notes.

As Savant Software continues to grow year over year, they continue to focus not only on validated hardware partnerships but to expand its ERP interface certifications to stay on top of the ERP industry.

“Validation that the hardware and software work as advertised continues to be our top priority, delivering high quality turn-key solution stacks is the name of the game,” concludes Jackson.

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Savant Software

Phoenix, AZ

Chris Jackson, President

Founded in 1987, Savant Software is headquartered in Peoria, Arizona. The company is a supply chain solution provider for modern warehouses. Savant Software builds and applies the state-of-the-art solutions for the supply chain. The company enables enterprises to automate their warehouses in order to fit their existing requirements and budget. At the same time, it equips businesses with an affordable upgrade path as their business evolves. The company excels at robotics and warehouse management with strategic industry partnerships. The specialties of the company are warehouse automation, warehouse management systems, barcode solutions, and supply chain solutions