SIGMA: Supply Chain Pioneer for Electronics Manufacturers

Ares Kwok, CEO, SIGMAAres Kwok, CEO
The electronic manufacturing industry is one of the most dynamic, spawning an endless chain of innovations. Electronic products cover applications that include automotive, healthcare, networking, telecommunications, and power supply to name a few. Such products are composed of a multitude of components, and for some reason, any one of the components is in shortage, the whole product cannot be finished. Being reliant on different brands of components, electronic manufacturers find it difficult to bargain with and optimize services from multiple suppliers. SIGMA recognizes this issue and brings forth an entourage of services to ensure the streamlining of supply chain operations for electronic manufacturers (OEM/ODM/EMS).

SIGMA’s rich inventory is supplemented through a global network of domestic and international suppliers, which offers customers favorable pricing on materials while allowing access to outdated, deficient, and urgent components. In terms of component shortage, SIGMA’s Fast Fix solution comes into play helping businesses clear the shortage within minimum time. “When customers send us a shortage item inquiry, we look across 7000 plus global suppliers and send customer quotation in a matter of 24 hours," says Ares Kwok, CEO of SIGMA. Once the customer accepts quotation and sends the order, it is delivered to their warehouse within three days. Furthermore, customers can drop a whole bill of materials via SIGMA’s Easy BOM after which SIGMA quotes all the items in the list and delivers them in one go. In addition, the firm also helps customers estimate the price of each item in SAP ERP and accordingly determine which items can exceed their target costing. Another benefit that SIGMA offers to its customers is supplier streamlining. With SIGMA’s solution in place, customers need not deal with numerous suppliers; they can opt for the brands they like and purchase them directly from SIGMA’s distribution product portfolio.

We look across 7000 plus global suppliers and send customer quotation in a matter of 24 hours

Apart from its core features, SIGMA renders a gamut of value-added services for its customers worldwide. The company houses an extensive knowledge base regarding a variety of components to aid buyers in executing different kinds of missions when procuring the components. When it comes to material shortage, SIGMA comes to the rescue providing customers with the latest market updates so they can suitably take precautions. Again, if a customer incurs excess inventory, SIGMA remediates the loss by sending a consignment for not just clearing the excess inventory but also recovering the expense involved therein.

As an independent distributor, SIGMA lays great emphasis on quality by ensuring that every component is genuine and brand new; it strictly prohibits the dealing of counterfeit or refurbished parts. In its long-standing history of 10 years, SIGMA has never encountered duplicacy complaints from customers and has established good reputation with top-ranking OEMs all along.

Citing an instance, Kwok explains how SIGMA helped OEM A—a prominent electronic assembly OEM for the likes of Tesla, HP, Microsoft—in reforming their supplier list. Having dealt with 500+ suppliers, the client wanted to cut down suppliers in their list and single out a partner to buy all the materials from them. With SIGMA’s Fast Fix in place, the client was able to cut down more than 100 suppliers from their list while also procuring 80 percent of shortage materials within three days with a considerable reduction in original purchase cost.

At the heart of SIGMA’s solutions is its integrated architecture (cloud database + Smart ERP + WeChat + SIGMA cloud web) that can automatically match customer inquiries to suppliers’ trending offers. “Our online strategy is to use technologies like cloud or mobile to facilitate information transfer among consumers, suppliers, internal staff, and managers,” the CEO signs off.