Sixred: Optimizing Supply Chain, Driving Productivity

Supply chain plays a key role in the overall health of an organization as it involves the streamlining of business operations that will ultimately increase speed and efficiency. Most often, organizations find themselves encumbered by supply chain setbacks like high inventories, poor customer service, stock-outs, and tardy delivery. To resolve such blocks, Sixred offers Oracle NetSuite software which incorporates inventory management, and manufacturing and purchasing competencies.

The team at Sixred brings in a collective experience of over 20 years in Oracle NetSuite integrations and applications to offer Oracle NetSuite supply chain management solution that integrates manufacturing and distribution with the product life cycle (factory-to-store), enabling real time inventory tracking. The solution also provides up-to-date visibility of stock and self-serve access that enhances collaboration between partners, vendors, and suppliers. Also, it brings improved clarity into inbound logistics which in turn results in better operations, reduced cost overheads, and increased employee productivity. Another key benefit of the Oracle NetSuite solution is its accurate forecasting of demand that helps businesses maintain the supply of required inventory to thwart stock deficiency thereby enabling better customer satisfaction.

Prior to addressing any customer issue, the Sixred team conducts a process workshop where they try to solicit the symptoms of the problem so they can dig out the root cause. The workshop invites people from all different areas in business—finance, procurement, sales, customer support, and operation and allows them to bring in their own perspectives to the given problem. Based on their collective opinion, the team determines the root cause and accordingly recommends best practices. The uniqueness of Sixred lies in its creative approach to solving problems as opposed to a structured binary process that most companies rely on from a technology standpoint. More importantly, the team at Sixred is highly accessible while exhibiting a bias for action. As Adnan Patel, Managing Partner at Sixred highlights, “Each member in our team has the ability and authority to take action on a client’s behalf, pull in whoever they need to, and address customer problems as quickly as possible." Furthermore, Sixred leverages the Culture Index to recruit as it aids them in garnering the best talent in different positions and fields.

The team at Sixred brings in a collective experience of over 20 years in NetSuite integrations and applications to offer Oracle NetSuite supply chain management solution

Sixred’s long-standing relationship with the market ecosystem puts it in a special position to customize its solutions to match requirements of clients. The team here understands the finest nuances of a business and adapts their solutions to work for the business rather than against them. To paint a better picture, Patel cites the instance of a large advertising technology company that procured advertising space from publishers and delivered it to advertisers. Owing to their massive volume of transactions, however, the client was facing difficulty in aggregating their payables to publishers and ensuring if the customer invoices aligned with the purchase orders and audits. To this end, Sixred conducted its unique process workshop revealing that there were numerous systems involved in determining what and how much was delivered to the customer, altogether complicating the supply chain process. Harmonizing these systems and pulling all of the sales data into Oracle NetSuite as well as having publishers specify the appropriate sum of revenue share in Oracle NetSuite gave the client a single billing platform that they could run on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Under the keen guidance of Patel, Sixred commits to keep improving the lives and operations of their clients by improving on tax sales, reporting, relationship management, analytics, and integration. In terms of future prospects, the company looks to expand its offices to Europe and South-East Asia.