SVT: Delivering Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

SVT: Delivering Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

In 1997, a small firm was established in Exeter, New Hampshire with the goal of providing inventory management services to local area clients. Over the years, the firm’s reputation began to grow and driven largely by requests emanating from its growing client base, the company began expanding its services portfolio. Two decades later SVT now offers a wide range of comprehensive supply chain management services and solutions, serving clients across multiple industries, globally. “SVT identified key customer needs across the various segments of the supply chain and set out to build competencies and capabilities providing cradle to grave coverage as an integrated provider of world-class supply chain solutions,” states Brandon Stover, president of SVT. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company seeking solutions for an elaborate supply chain problem or a small business in need of a valued partner to help navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain, SVT effectively caters to a host of clients.

SVT’s team consists of highly motivated experienced individuals possessing decades of supply chain industry knowledge and proven project management skills. SVT works quickly to learn and understand the needs of our customers, shaping our service, solution or location, to effectively meet those needs. “After an initial assessment and a series of customer consultations, we build a cost-effective solution around the key drivers of what a client is trying to accomplish within their supply chain,” says Frank Rodriguez, Senior Director of Supply Chain Services for SVT.

SVT also specializes in designing and executing inventory management solutions centered around the effective management of major supply chain transformations. Significant supply chain events like those occurring in environments such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and manufacturing outsourcing transitions, to name a few. SVT’s knowledge, skill set, operational proficiencies, and supporting infrastructure come together with competence to act as partner and extension of their customer’s team.

We are a provider of a wide range of supply chain services and solutions. Intelligent, practical supply chain solutions addressing key segments of supply chain and the full product life cycle. Cradle to Grave

They are capable of providing on-site support for a host of critical supply chain functions. “We are a committed partner that has the ability to provide hands-on implementation of a modern supply chain strategy tailored to individual needs,” adds James Wedge, vice president of SVT.

The rise in complexity in global supply chains continues unhindered. Brought about by increasing demands for optimization and continuous cost reduction, companies are often finding it difficult to apply their internal resources strategically to keep up with evolving business environments. SVT offers such clients the option of outsourcing activities that may not be strategic or within their set of core competencies. Allowing key internal customer resources to be directed to those areas representing the highest return on resource investments.

Moving forward, the company is focused on continued growth and expansion. “We will continue to collaborate with our existing clients and forge new partnerships, developing best in class, value-added capabilities continuing our quest to become a leading, provider of supply chain solutions globally,” concludes Rodriguez.