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Edward Aguiar, CEO & CTO, Techdinamics IntegrationsEdward Aguiar, CEO & CTO We can all agree that the year 2020 was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for both businesses as well as the general populace. And while numerous upheavals were witnessed in the wake of the pandemic, one of the most drastic transformations was in consumer behavior, especially when it came to how they ordered and consumed food. As lockdowns came into force, the housebound consumers who could no longer dine in restaurants or enjoy take-out meals turned to cooking at home.

Consequently, manufacturers in the kitchenware space began to experience a steep increase in demand for cookware. And who can testify this better than Lodge Manufacturing Company—the oldest family-owned cookware company in the U.S.—whose orders shot up by an astounding 663 percent. The company had to ramp up its manufacturing and fulfillment to keep up with the demand. But depleted inventory wasn’t the only problem they faced. The sluggish generation of small parcel shipping labels proved the biggest hindrance to the fulfillment process, delaying shipments to customers. What they needed was smarter fulfillment!

Lodge found the answer with Techdinamics Integrations—a logistics and integrated supply chain management company. The cookware manufacturer switched to techSHIP, a label-generating and rate-shipping solution of Techdinamics. The company collaborated with Lodge’s WMS team to track the pain points and needs, starting from the front-end order integration to the final mile carrier selection process.

Based on the analysis, the two teams jointly developed a ‘proprietary blackbox’ using Techdinamics’ techSHIP solution. The end result was a drastic acceleration of the labeling and fulfillment process. The label generation was no longer an arduous and longwinded manual task. By just scanning a barcode or entering a batch number, the Lodge team was able to automatically process more than 1,000 labels all at once for its products. Not only was Lodge able to catch up with the fulfillment backlogs, but it also doubled the number of web orders. Increasing the label printing speed had been Lodge’s goal, but with techSHIP, it had achieved much more. Techdinamics also saved the company over 30,000 dollars in freight costs apart from reducing up to 93 percent of the label-generating expenses.

What Makes Techdinamics the Go-To Provider for Enhanced Fulfillment?

“Today, there are plenty of large enterprises providing robust technologies, but what mid-sized or even large businesses need is a smarter integration process that can connect the different technologies like WMS, TMS, and other systems, to facilitate a seamless fulfillment workflow,” says Edward Aguiar, CEO and CTO of Techdinamics Integrations. “We are the glue that brings together various technologies with our deep industry knowledge and expertise.”

The roots of Techdinamics can be traced back to 2016, when Aguiar was providing integration services for Fortune 500 companies through his firm, Dynamic Solutions. In the following years, Aguiar shifted his services toward the fulfillment sector, catering to small and medium sized companies. During one of his assignments, when he and his team were implementing a cross-dock system for a client, he met Reg Adams, another service provider working on the same project on the operations side.

Our partnership with clients begins with us understanding their unique problems, before deciding on a solution to ascertain that it best suits their requirements

When they were sharing ideas and discussing the role of technology in warehouse management, they struck a common chord—forming a fulfillment company that would bridge the existing gaps in the logistics space.

By combining their knowledge and expertise, Aguiar and Adams laid the foundation for Techdinamics Integrations; a company focused on helping fulfillment centers connect with their customers in a more seamless manner. Fast forward to the present; the company is making fulfillment a much easier task by integrating smart technologies and software.

“What makes us unique is our ability to solve the primarily unaddressed challenges in the 3PL fulfillment arena,” mentions Aguiar. To make that possible, Techdinamics offers the Integrated Order, a warehouse integration service designed to automate the exchange of data with customer systems and eliminate manual data entry, and of course, techSHIP, the label-generating and rate-shopping solution. For the Integrated Order particularly, the clients can also avail integration features, and this comes with a monthly maintenance subscription for the platform, along with online support. The assistance delivered by Techdinamics is what one would expect from a top-notch service provider. Alongside its primary offerings, the company never hesitates to introduce its clients to secondary solutions that they might need to bring greater efficiency and productivity to their workflow.

Taking Charge of the Transformation

Aguiar believes that the logistics and supply chain sectors are on a path of change in terms of how they operate, not only on the fulfillment side but also on the vendor and manufacturing side. Especially with the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, it has become effortless to sell and buy products online. In addition, some retailers are also utilizing Shopify and other platforms to build their own online stores.

But according to Aguiar, “It is one thing to deliver a few big orders and another to fulfill individual small parcels to individual customers.” Balancing the packaging and shipping costs with the actual price of the orders is indeed a tricky prospect. Even if it is just a difference of five cents, it can add up to become a significant revenue drain for the fulfillment company. Hence, the primary challenge for most companies is in optimizing the shipping operations so as to bring down shipping costs relative to the cost of orders.

Equally challenging are the operational costs, which are determined at various touchpoints in the warehouse—from taking the parcel from the shelf to sorting and labeling it, while also ensuring that it is delivered on time. In essence, the more the touchpoints, the costlier the process. “What we have realized is that, it is not always ‘one size fits all,’” says Aguiar. The fulfillment process for the fashion industry is very different from the beverage industry. This is where Techdinamics makes its mark. The company has a synergy of technology and industry knowledge that clients can depend on to streamline their logistics and supply chain integrations.

“We are the glue that brings together various technologies with our deep industry knowledge and expertise”

“Our partnership with clients begins with us understanding their unique problems before deciding on a solution to ascertain that it best suits their requirements,” explains Aguiar. Furthermore, Techdinamics presents the cost plan upfront and avoids any hidden costs or additional charges down the path. The pricing is based on fostering a long-term partnership with the clients while ensuring that the service value exceeds their expectations. Besides, the company adopts a ‘remote approach’ of onboarding, making the process so much easier during the pandemic crisis. From remote support to remote implementation, the onboarding approach not only helps the company reduce costs but also facilitates quick and seamless integration of the solutions. Driven by such competencies, the company has evolved to the point where it can deploy its solutions in a few days. Even if it is a complex project, it doesn’t take longer than a few weeks. The various collaborations nurtured by Techdinamics and its unrivaled network of partners is giving great incentive for clients to work with the company and achieve excellent value at optimal costs.

Taking Giant Strides into the Future

Today, Techdinamics is going above and beyond in helping companies evolve their logistics and fulfillment operations. It is marking a seamless course for retail-focused clients to sail through the more choppy waters of the ‘direct-to-consumer’ sales model. The company is also assisting customers trapped in the pandemic vortex to streamline their transformation toward more flexible channels of order fulfillment.

Undoubtedly, Techdinamics is just scratching the surface of what is possible in the 3PL arena. As organizations in the logistics and fulfillment space keep experimenting more with novel tools and technologies to enhance their processes, Techdinamics will be prepared to offer them a seamless transition into a digital future. The next step is to automate its solutions and incorporate analytics-based functionalities to revolutionize the client’s workf low further. Especially when it comes to international shipping, Techdinamics is well on its way to help customers simplify the touchpoints involved in the fulfillment process. “Moving forward, we aim to focus on technologies that can lead to smarter fulfillment and make life easier for our clients,” concludes Aguiar.

- Linda James
    December 30, 2020
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Techdinamics Integrations

Techdinamics Integrations

Mississauga, Ontario

Edward Aguiar, CEO & CTO

Techdinamics is specialized logistics and integrated supply chain management solutions provider. In a world dominated by cookie-cutter solutions, Techdinamics is the partner organizations need to achieve a smarter integration process that can connect their different technologies like the WMS, TMS, and other systems and facilitate a seamless fulfillment workflow. The company is the glue that brings together various technologies with deep industry knowledge and expertise, and helps clients achieve an efficient and cost-effective logistics process