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Top 10 Supply Chain Companies - 2018

Corporations have begun to source their required supplies from across the globe. This globalization of supply management has forced the corporates to find effective ways to coordinate the flow of materials in and out of the company. Given the circumstances, supply chain management has emerged as the new key to productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service enterprises.

The supply chain industry has been going through a massive transformation powered by AI, IoT, advanced analytics, and blockchain. With the advent of internet-based software and modern technologies, supply chain has found a fresh meaning to efficiency and productivity for today’s fast-paced businesses. Along with this wave, companies are going beyond just traditional VR capabilities, and are focused on capitalizing innovative marketing techniques to streamline their processes while maintaining their position in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

With the combination of enhanced analytics, data mining, and virtual and augmented reality, today’s modern solutions enable enterprise organizations to optimize transportation performance, product tracking, and traceability to analyze product ROI. Client organizations finally have complete visibility into their shippers and carriers, helping them streamline their day-to-day efforts and reduce operational costs.

As organizations look for supply chain solution providers that match their needs, Logistics Tech Outlook brings forth a comprehensive list of the leading service providers in the supply chain field. This listing provides a fresh look into how the solutions in this domain can deliver optimization to your business processes.

We present to you “Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top Supply Chain Technology Companies

  • Helping clients connect their entire supply chain network and manage end-to-end operations


  • Its utilizes an integrated, multimodal approach, It offers capacity-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service


  • Delivers software, and implementation services to the supply chain industry


  • Provides flexible and cost-effective services while addressing changing customer requirements


  • SVT


    Provider of broad portfolio of supply chain solutions and services


  • Provides transformative supply chain solutions that equip customers to succeed in a rapidly changing omnichannel world


  • Elemica


    Offers an end-to-end digital supply network that enables process manufacturing enterprises and their partners to digitally transform supply chains

  • enVista


    Provides a unified commerce platform that enables businesses unify commerce, optimize customer engagement, and deliver consistent brand experience

  • QAD


    Provides an enterprise resource planning solution designed exclusively for global manufacturing

  • Stellium


    Helps businesses achieve sustainable results by improving value chain and minimizing decision latency across the organization